SayUncle Releases Enrique Mudu Spotlight Feature ‚The Bartender‘

SayUncle Releases Enrique Mudu Spotlight Feature 'The Bartender'

LOS ANGELES — SayUncle Network has released the full, extended cut of the studio’s Enrique Mudu spotlight feature, „The Bartender.“

The title, which also features Joe Dave, Axel Yerel, Angel Crush and Cain Gomez, was originally released as a four-part series in January.

„After a successful test run as a series on two of our popular sites, we are excited to unveil ‚The Bartender – The Final Cut‘ in all of its full glory exclusively to SayUncle members,“ said a rep. „If you were holding out to see the extended feature release, the wait is over.“

„The Bartender“ is streaming on SayUncle.

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2023-02-16 19:05:46

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