SayUncle Network Releases 5 New Scenes

MIAMI — SayUncle has debuted five new scenes across its network of sites this week.

First, on Latin Leche, Joe Dave, Vic Twink and Enrique Mudu star in “After School, Part 2.” When Dave returns to Twink’s house, he finds his stepbrother, Mudu, instead. The two hook up until Twink returns and is able to join in.  

Next, on Pig Bottoms, Myott Hunter, Donovin Rece, Ander Wolfson, Papi Marcos and Ricky Larkin star in the orgy scene, “Gather Round.”

Dimitry Simonit, Jake Lotti, Joris Leonard, Leonel Roussel, Loick Gauthier and Sly Conan are featured this week as young cadets going through their sergeant’s drills in a new Military Dick scene, “Following His Orders.”

An Attitude Problem” stars Evan West and security guard Jax Thirio for Young Perps. Thirio is trying to question West about stolen items, but all West is giving is attitude. Thirio eventually resorts to using physical methods to get West to confess.

Finally, Thirio and Max Romano are featured alongside stepsons Andy Adler and Jack Bailey, in „Horny Horror Movie Night” for Twink Trade.

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2023-05-16 14:49:02

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