SayUncle Crowns Alberto Chimal as July’s ‚All-Star‘

SayUncle Crowns Alberto Chimal as July's 'All-Star'

LOS ANGELES — SayUncle Network has selected Mexican star Alberto Chimal as its July All-Star, with a spotlight scene opposite Cain Gomez titled „A Much-Needed Time Off.“

The scene opens with Chimal being interviewed about his background and how he got into the industry.

„I actually shot my first scene ever this year on Latin Leche,“ he says. „It all began when Latin Leche was in Casa Abasolo, which is where I work during the weekends. They wanted to use the house to shoot a scene, so the producers then contacted me and my business partner and asked us if we wanted to go to Cancun to shoot a porn scene for them.“

After the interview, „Alberto’s horny desires lead him to a steamy encounter with Cain Gomez, a seductive Colombian stud, while partner James isn’t around to find out,“ said a rep.

„A Much-Needed Time Off“ is streaming on SayUncle.

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2023-07-05 18:15:52

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