Ryder Owens Stars in ‚Dorm Life: The Injured Jock‘ From Next Door Studios

Ryder Owens Stars in 'Dorm Life: The Injured Jock' From Next Door Studios

LOS ANGELES — Alpha Studio Group exclusive Ryder Owens stars with Grant Ducati in „Dorm Life: The Injured Jock“ from Alpha brand Next Door Studios.

Owens plays an athlete who hurts himself training and „thinks his days of contact sports are numbered,“ said a rep. „But it’s roommate Grant Ducati to the rescue with some hands-on treatment that’s sure to get Ryder back on his feet and into the action.“

Alpha COO Jeremy Babcock enthused about the scene.

„Written and directed by Conrad Parker, this scene does an awesome job of showcasing what makes both of these performers so great,“ he said. „Grant with his boyish innocence, and Ryder as the gentle Jock. Both flip the switch from innocent to sexy in a flash, and the result is awesome.“

Parker echoed Babcock’s praise of the two co-stars.

„This first episode of Dorm Life is top tier,“ he said. „With actors like Grant Ducati and Ryder Owens how could it not be? The chemistry is off the charts.“

The scene is streaming on NextDoorStudios.

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2023-07-17 18:09:12

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