Ryan Bones Leads ‚The Last Men‘ for Masqulin

Ryan Bones Leads 'The Last Men' for Masqulin

MONTREAL — Ryan Bones leads „The Last Men,“ a new feature for Masqulin Studio. „In an apocalyptic new world, the last and few men on earth must fend for themselves for survival,“ a rep explained.

„After a global nuclear fallout, Ryan is constantly armed, on edge and searching for supplies,“ continued the rep. „After five years of not seeing another human being, he realizes he isn’t alone when he encounters and hungrily takes Drew Dixon, interrogates and fucks Shane Jackson and takes Andrew Green as his willing sex-slave.“

„It’s just a brave new ass-hungry world where rules no longer apply for these last men,“ added the rep.

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Recent Masqulin titles include Colby Tucker in „Office Perfection“ and Shane Jackson in „The Live-In.“ The studio earned four 2021 XBIZ Awards nominations, including a pair of „Gay Movie of the Year“ nods for „What’s Gotten Into Him?“ and „Markus Kage: First Time.“

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