Ricky Larkin Touts ‚Legendary Loads‘ Supplements for Men

LAS VEGAS — Performer Ricky Larkin is touting the Legendary Loads range of supplements for men.

„Ricky is on a mission to empower and educate men on the benefits of natural supplements to reach their fullest potential and shoot huge loads,“ a rep exclaimed. „Passionate and inspired by the effectiveness of Legendary Loads, Ricky has announced that the time has come to reveal his secret.“

Legendary Loads CEO Sean stated, “After years of supplementation and research, our team has crafted an incredible, all-natural product line that supports men’s health and sexual wellness. Having the amazing porn superstar and fitness and nutrition expert Ricky Larkin validate Legendary Loads‘ efficacy is monumental.“

The rep cited „explosively effective volume, longer orgasms, climax intensity and a confidence-boosting finish“ as „features and benefits“ of the supplement, as well as „scientific authentication and all-natural ingredients.“

„Ricky has said it best: ‚This is the secret to the money shot, baby,'“ added the rep.

Visit Legendary Loads online and on Twitter.

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