Raging Stallion Releases ‚Fuck Me Fast & Furious‘

Raging Stallion Releases 'Fuck Me Fast & Furious'

SAN FRANCISCO — Raging Stallion Studios has announced the release of all-male title „Fuck Me Fast and Furious“ from the directing team of Iza Elle and Raph North.

The studio teased New Year’s Eve release with the online debut of a duo starring Darenger McCarthy and studio exclusive Cole Connor.

As the action opens, „Driver Cole has just lost the most important race of his life and is determined to figure out what went wrong with his car. In the dead of night, an irate Cole drags head mechanic Darenger into his RV to get some answers, but instead decides to take his anger out of Darenger’s oversized cock,“ noted a rep.

„He swallows every inch of his mechanic’s member before the long-haired, 6’4

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