Raging Stallion Announces Digital Debut of ‚No Tell Motel‘

Raging Stallion Announces Digital Debut of 'No Tell Motel'

SAN FRANCISCO — Devin Trez and Logan Stevens enjoy a passionate hookup in director Tony Dimarco’s „No Tell Motel,“ which makes its digital debut Friday on

The full movie debuts in all formats on September 25.

As the action opens, „Devin and Brian get to their room, the clothes start coming off as soon as they step through the door. Devin pulls his pants down to reveal his uncut monster cock, and Brian falls instantly to his knees to deep-throat the girthy member. Devin shows Brian’s throat no mercy as he face-fucks the bearded stud,“ noted a studio rep.

„After getting throated, Devin spins Brian around and buries his face deep into Brian’s tight hole. Brian takes one last gulp of Devin’s cock before hopping on top and impaling himself on Devin’s massive rod,“ the rep continued. „Brian’s cock stands tall, rock hard as Devin fucks the full-length of his cock deep into Brian’s hole. Once Brian has taken Devin’s pole in multiple positions, Brian lays back and lets Devin fuck a load out of him while Devin shoots a thick load on Brian’s abs.“

Dimarco praised the chemistry between his leading men.

I’m so excited to be back [at] Raging Stallion studio making the scorching content all of our fans have grown to love,“ he enthused. „Devin Trez and Brian Bonds really set the bar high for how amazing this movie is and the fans will be pleased.“

Find a preview online and follow Raging Stallion on Twitter.

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