Podcast Returns to Billy London Cold Case

LOS ANGELES — With the 31st anniversary this weekend of the murder of William Arnold Newton, or Billy Newton, also known as gay adult performer Billy London, the podcast „TDPS Presents: Christopher and Eric“ has again returned to the cold case in the hopes of generating new leads.

Ep. 98 covers the latest developments in the story, including what can be inferred about the killer’s movements and motivations based on the details of the murder.

In late October 1990, shortly before Halloween, London completed what would be his final film and was last seen alive on October 28, according to available evidence, socializing in West Hollywood, California. On October 29, his head and feet were discovered in a dumpster; despite several attempts over the years to generate new tips or leads, the case remained cold.

Billy Newton would have been 56 years old this past July 26, 2021.

Ep. 60 of „TDPS Presents: Christopher and Eric“ pieced together a timeline of the final few days leading up to London’s murder based on information that is currently available; ep. 48 featured the broadcast’s prior deep dive into the story.

A tipline established by the podcast hosts, novelists Christopher Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn, produced the first verifiable lead in the case in three decades and drew the attention of the LAPD homicide detective investigating the crime.

In the course of his initial research, Rice spoke to this reporter, who first looked into the case more than a decade ago.

Given London’s murder occurred on the eve of Halloween in West Hollywood, a celebration that draws tens of thousands to the city, Quinn and Rice surmise that photos from that particular week in late October 1990 may yet exist that could provide a clue, or at least help to establish London’s whereabouts.

In addition, photos chronicling adult industry events regularly appeared in such magazines as „Advocate Men.“ Collectors with copies of gay adult magazines in their collection dating from roughly September to December, 1990, are invited to contact this reporter at or the tipline established by Quinn and Rice:

Listen to episode No. 98 of „TDPS Presents Christopher & Eric“ here and follow Christopher Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn on Twitter for the latest updates.

Click here for XBIZ’s ongoing coverage of the Billy London cold case.

Image: Flyer (right) courtesy of ONE Archives.

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