Pineapple Support to Launch Music Therapy Group This Sunday

Pineapple Support to Launch Music Therapy Group This Sunday

LOS ANGELES — Starting this weekend, Pineapple Support will host a free music therapy support group for adult industry performers. The virtual group, led by composer Dorian Wallace, will kick off Sunday from 3-5 p.m. (PST) and continue for four weeks through December 27.

„Music has the potential to stimulate, activate and inspire the mind, body and spirit,“ Wallace said. „It can enhance our quality of life and promote healing. Processing trauma can interfere with an individual’s quality of life, as our basic understanding of what everyday life ’should‘ look like is profoundly transformed.“

„Through music, we will work to communicate our sense of self, build coping mechanisms and move closer to a new degree of normality,“ continued Wallace. „In music therapy, activities such as drumming, music listening and storytelling help us to address objectives, find ways to circumnavigate them and build towards reconciliation with traumatic events. This, in turn, establishes new routines and ways to cope.“

Leya Tanit, founder of Pineapple Support, expressed enthusiasm for the new support group.

„Family dynamics are always challenging, and during the holiday season they can be especially difficult,“ she said. „The stress of holidays can lead to anxiety, anger, hopelessness, guilt and loneliness, but it can also allow us to connect with others. Music is a foundational way to communicate and foster that community, and I’m eager for people to experience the work that Dorian does.“

Visit for additional details and to register for the group.

Pineapple Support is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization in the United States and a registered charity in the U.K. Click here for sponsorship details and follow the organization on Twitter.

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