Pierce Paris Launches 1st Membership Site

Pierce Paris Launches 1st Membership Site

LOS ANGELES — Pierce Paris has created an online hub for his latest adult shoots with the rollout of his first official membership site.

„I’ve had so much fun creating content for my fans, and now they can access it all in one place,“ he said. „Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to my work, I think you’ll find something you love on the site.“

Paris is the 2020 XBIZ award-winner for „Gay Performer of the Year“ and has anchored over 200 studio-shot gay scenes, as well as dozens of cross-genre scenes for an array of bi, trans, straight and fetish studios.

The new site offers fans „a chance to see more of my work as I shift to doing more content creation,“ he said. „I hope this will become a go-to destination for them, and the place where I can continue to create.“

Paris recently spoke to XBIZ about his growing viral fame as an internet prankster and his raunchy skits for such mainstream comedians as Steve-O, Christina P and Tom Segura.

Find Pierce Paris online and on Twitter. – Gay

2023-02-18 23:19:53

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