LOS ANGELES — PASS has endorsed the Porn Professionals for Safety Against Discrimination (PPSD) pledge, created by sex workers, that advocates for the destigmatization of HIV in the adult industry.

An open letter to the industry from PASS regarding the endorsement reads as follows:

Dear industry,

Recently, the PASS Board voted to endorse the Porn Professionals for Safety Against Discrimination (PPSD) pledge. The pledge, created by sex workers, aims to destigmatize HIV in the adult industry.

At its most elemental, the pledge asks us to commit to supporting those in our industry who are living with HIV, while protecting the ultimate right of talent to choose with whom they work. You can read the pledge here.  

Nothing is changing in the current PASS system, but our endorsement of the pledge is the first step in our commitment to working towards providing better healthcare, testing and industry support for talent living with HIV. 

PASS follows the scientific consensus that HIV is unable to be transmitted if someone has an undetectable viral load, and that talent living with HIV can safely work in this industry without transmitting the virus. We also support the principles of informed consent — people should be able to make decisions about who they choose to work with and in what ways.

We have been invited to sign the PPSD since its inception, and while we have never disagreed with its principles, public conversations about this topic have historically led to significant backlash and confusion within the industry. Our hesitancy in signing the PPSD was that without building more trust with our community, any action we took could have precipitated more fear, misinformation and ultimately the further marginalization of HIV+ performers. Now we believe that our continued silence is only betraying that trust, and that is what must change first. It is indefensible to support unscientific policy whose only function is discrimination.

To be clear: all PASS policies and testing practices are remaining the same for now; however, we are committed to doing the necessary work ahead in order to create a safer and more equitable industry for all. Many performers and studios have already found ways to work with and respect the health and safety needs of talent with different HIV statuses. As we continue to grow and improve the industry testing guidelines, we will collaborate and learn from established industry stakeholders to better serve the needs of all performers in a way that centers consent, and always prioritizes health and safety. 

PASS wants to be transparent about our decisions — we understand that our actions impact your health and business, and we believe it is critical to our mission to continue to earn your trust. The PASS Executive Director invites anyone in the industry who would like to have a personal meeting about this to please do so; you can schedule a time here. We also have resources on the PASS site about HIV, a FAQ on U=U and the impact of HIV stigma.

In community,
PASS Staff & Board

Ian O’Brien, Executive Director
Siouxsie Q, PASS Communications
Valerie Webber, Board Chair
Alison Boden, President
Kelly Holland, Treasurer
Lucy Hart, Secretary
Heather Berg, Director
Jamey Bell, Director

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