PASS: Production Hold Extended Through Wednesday

PASS: Production Hold Extended Through Wednesday

LOS ANGELES — PASS has called for an extension of one additional day, through Wednesday, of the precautionary production hold announced Saturday after learning a performer within the system had tested positive for HIV.

The complete statement from PASS follows:

PASS is extending the current production hold for an additional day. While no additional tests have returned a positive result, we are still awaiting some results. We expect to have necessary information by the end of day tomorrow, Wednesday, at which point we can make a further determination as to the length of the hold.

We ask that all production, whether studio shoots or independent productions or content trades, hold while we work to eliminate risk.

We know that production holds are difficult financially and emotionally, but it is essential that we always prioritize performer health and safety.

We thank the performer for helping to assist in contact tracing and partner identification, and ask that the community respect their privacy and dignity, during an extremely difficult time.

Michelle LeBlanc
Board President
Performer Availability Screening Services (PASS)

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