Papi Kocic Stars in's 'Sucked & Drained'

LOS ANGELES — Papi Kocic stars in the latest release from, the vampire-themed „Sucked & Drained.“

Directed by Alter Sin, the scene features Kocic having „put a lot of effort into his sexy vampire costume for his Halloween party, as have his guests… except for Doryann Marguet, who shows up in nothing but his birthday suit,“ said a rep. „The other tops shut the door in his face, but Papi thinks Doryann would be perfect for sucking, so he invites him inside. The tops watch, confused, when their host doesn’t appear in the mirror as Doryann blows him.“

Kocic enthused about the scene.

„I would like to say how much fun I am having on this journey with and Alter Sin,“ he said. „It’s been such a perfect fit and every day on set is so much fun.“

„Sucked & Drained“ premieres Oct. 28 on

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2022-10-19 15:08:45

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