Pablo Cortés, Sebas Cortés Earn 2021 Grabby Awards Win for ‚Best Original Web Content‘

LOS ANGELES — The cam duo, and real-life partners, Pablo Cortés and Sebas Cortés (aka PabloySebas), are celebrating their 2021 Grabby Awards Europe win for „Best Web Original Content.“

„We never thought we would attain the kind of success that we have been so lucky to receive, especially winning a Grabby Award. It was unexpected and very satisfying,“ said the duo in a joint statement.

„We are extremely grateful to all our fans who support and help us with your votes to make us win. Creating great outdoor content has been one of our 2021 goals. That accomplishment filled us with tremendous pride, knowing so many appreciated and continue to appreciate our work. And we will work hard to continue to provide them with only the best, highest quality content we can create.“

The pair also recently earned a 2021 XBIZ Cam Awards trophy for „Best Cam Model Duo.“

Find Grabbys Europe on Twitter; follow PabloySebas on Twitter and find all of their online profiles at AllMyLinks.

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