Organotoy Expands Fantasy Toy Range With ‚The Donald‘

LANGENHAGEN, Germany — Pleasure products company Organotoy has expanded its range of fantasy toys with „The Donald,“ named for the current U.S. President, with all profits from the limited-edition item to be donated to charity.

„This is Donald — The Donald. He believes he is the hottest stallion in the stable,“ a rep explained.

The item’s satirical press copy notes it includes „beautiful full hair [and] a healthy orange skin color“ and that The Donald believes „climate change is just weather and that he has done more for POC or the LGBTQI+ community than any other president.“

The Donald, which also includes a representation of genital warts, is „strictly limited to 40 pieces and the earnings will be donated,“ said the rep. „The Donald is sold under German laws.“

Its total height is 7.48 inches, with a usable length of approximately 5.9 inches. The current price is $666; click here for additional details.

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