Online Retailer Peepshow Toys Now Offering ‚Boneyard‘ Range

Online Retailer Peepshow Toys Now Offering 'Boneyard' Range

LOS ANGELES — Online retailer Peepshow Toys has added Boneyard Toys to its menu of offerings.

„Peepshow Toys, one of the largest online adult retailers since 2013, is committed to selling only quality products made of body-safe, non-toxic materials, at fair prices,“ a rep explained. „Since their arrival on the interwebs, Peepshow Toys been welcomed into a community of sex-positive, brilliant and progressive bloggers, authors, public speakers, activists, makers, entrepreneurs and reviewers.“

A rep described Boneyard toys as „a line of pleasure products that focuses on the health and wellness side of pleasure. With products like their Skwert Water Bottle Douche Kit, and an assortment of silicone rings designed to fit comfortably and firmly, Boneyard has become a leading brand for men’s pleasure.“

Click here for additional details, including the Boneyard Ultimate Silicone Cock Ring.

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