Noah Way Makes TwinkPop Debut in ‚Taboo Switcheroo‘

Noah Way Makes TwinkPop Debut in 'Taboo Switcheroo'

LOS ANGELES — Trans performer Noah Way makes his TwinkPop debut opposite Jake Preston in „Taboo Switcheroo.“

As the scene opens, Preston „wants to make a good impression on his new stepbrother (Way),“ the synopsis reveals. „Just kidding — he sticks his hand out the fly of his jeans to shake hands. Luckily, Noah’s ready to roll with it and does the same. As the twinks unpack, Jake spies on Noah and sees him unpacking a torso and cock sex toy. Jake jacks off from the other side of the curtain while his stepbro rides his toy. When Noah is interrupted by a knock, Jake takes the toy’s place in the bed and soon the bottom is riding his dick.“

„Taboo Switcheroo“ premieres July 19 on TwinkPop.

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2023-07-11 15:02:33

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