Nico Coopa Renews Exclusive Contract With Alpha Studio Group

Nico Coopa Renews Exclusive Contract With Alpha Studio Group

LOS ANGELES — Nico Coopa has renewed his exclusive contract with Alpha Studio Group for another year.

Coopa will perform for sites across the Alpha Studio Group network, including Next Door Studios, Disruptive Films and Rod’s Room.

„Beyond excited to have Nico sign on with us for another year,“ said CCO Jeremy Babcock. „Nico is one of the most versatile talents on our roster. He pairs well with virtually anyone, he elevates everyone around him, his acting skills are on another level and, on top of it all, he looks dang good doing all of it. Glad to have you back, Nico.“

In September, Coopa starred in Next Door Studios‘ „Best Head Ever,“ and in July in „Weekend Getaway.“

„This last year has really been a blast working with NDS,“ said Coopa. „I’m thankful to continue to be able to work with the talented folks at Alpha Studio Group and excited to see what the new year will bring.“

Studio director Walden Woods enthused about Coopa.

„I’m super proud to have Nico re-sign with Alpha Studio Group as an exclusive,“ he said. „Nico Coopa is a home run in every aspect of the word. He is a great actor, a great personality and he is stunning physically. Every single time I have him in front of my camera, I know that we are making magic. Can’t wait for everyone to see the amazing films he makes this year.“

Coopa will next appear in „Fraternity Fantasies: Pledges Strike Back,“ to be released on Saturday.

For more information, visit Next Door Studios online and follow Coopa on Twitter. – Gay

2022-10-10 22:36:00

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