Next Door Studios Releases New 'Fraternity Fantasies' Episode

LOS ANGELES — Next Door Studios has released a new installment of its „Fraternity Fantasies“ series, „Pledges Strike Back.“

The scene features Alpha Studio Group exclusives Nico Coopa and Jayden Marcos, along with Des Irez and Max Lorde.

In the scene, Lorde and Irez play „two pledges for the ΝΔΩ frat,“ said a rep. „When both of them are tired from the harassment they receive from their pledge masters, Des and Max devise a plan to get revenge on them.“

Marcos enthused about the scene.

„It’s always so much fun to film the Frat videos, but this one was a whole other level of enjoyment,“ he said. „It was such a fun and sexy experience getting to work with these amazing crew members and talent.“

Coopa praised his co-stars.

„I’ve wanted to work with Max, Jayden, and Des for a while now, and when casting was released for the scene and I found out I was working with all three of them, I was beyond excited,“ he said. „The energy on set was fantastic; if we weren’t cutting up when the cameras weren’t rolling then we were having some sexy fun on our own.“

„Fraternity Fantasies: Pledges Strike Back“ is currently streaming on NextDoorStudios.

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2022-10-18 20:25:00

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