Newly Launched Disruptive Films Wraps 1st Feature, ‚The Last Course‘

MONTREAL — Adult Time’s newly launched all-male label Disruptive Films has wrapped production on its first feature, „The Last Course,“ written and directed by Bree Mills.

The new label was created as a collaboration between Mills, Gamma Films Group and Alpha Studio Group, the production arm behind Next Door Entertainment, Pride Studios and Active Duty.

Described as „a twisted mystery,“ the starry cast includes Brandon Anderson, Michael Boston, Cameron Dalile, Chris Damned, Michael Delray, Jim Fit, Trevor Harris, Johnny Ford, Johnny Hunter and Dakota Payne with 2020 XBIZ „Male Clip Artist of the Year“ Lance Hart and reigning XBIZ „Performer of the Year“ Dante Colle.

Mills, the CCO of Adult Time, filmed the „The Last Course“ over six months with co-producer Walden Woods, who will serve as the primary director for the label.

“If you could invite all the men you’ve ever had sex with to the same dinner party, what would you do to them? That’s the film’s tagline — and that’s all I’m going to reveal about the plot! I can’t wait for the world to see what we’ve been up to at Disruptive,“ Mills said.

Ford takes on the lead role in the feature.

„I’m so honored and grateful for the experience. This was, by far, the most demanding, exhausting, twisted and rewarding porn shoot I’ve ever done,“ he said.

„To me, this role was an artistic expression of sex addiction, which I’ve had experience with. Here was a character so sociopathic toward his partners that he used and manipulated them to a very extreme end,“ he continued. „In an industry where we serve endless sex to be swallowed up, with no reprieve, I appreciate Bree’s vision of an exaggerated addiction, to give us a haunting warning while also being wildy entertaining and sexy.“

Costar Boston described the experience as „a blast and very challenging, acting-wise.“

„I had to draw up a lot of emotion for my role,

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