NakedSword Originals To Debut Action/Adventure Series ‚The Swords‘ in November

NakedSword Originals To Debut Action/Adventure Series 'The Swords' in November

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword Originals will premiere the first installment of director Marc MacNamara’s action/adventure series „The Swords“ next month.

The first release in the series, also titled „The Swords,“ stars Falcon/NakedSword exclusives Max Konnor, Reign, Andre Donovan and Cole Connor, along with Roman Todd, Tony Genius, Brock Banks and Michael Boston.

„‚The Swords‘ sees a group of world-famous porn stars coming together for a seemingly innocent getaway, but soon discover a deadly secret about the world’s top Falcon/NakedSword models,“ said a rep. „The guys learn that since the beginning, legendary performers like Al Parker and Eric Hanson have been gruelingly trained to work for a secret intelligence bureau and now, the government is seeking to enlist them as the latest undercover recruits for ‚The Swords.'“

The release marks the first of five completed titles which will make up the first half of the series. 

„I am incredibly excited about this franchise and Marc MacNamara’s creative vision,“ said Falcon/NakedSword President and CEO Tim Valenti. „This adventure we’re going on with ‘The Swords’ is jam-packed with action, intrigue, handsome leading men, and smoking-hot sex.“

MacNamara discussed the intensity of the shoot.

„We always wrap these big productions with horror stories on how difficult the shoots were but this is the first production that I actually passed out during filming,“ he said. „Add to that the snowmobile crash off the side of a mountain and I’d safely say ‚The Swords‘ is the wildest ride I’ve ever been a part of and I can’t wait to share this insane journey with the audience.“

„The Swords“ will be streaming on NakedSword Nov. 9.

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2022-10-18 15:43:00

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