NakedSword Debuts 1st Episode of ‚Islas Canarias‘ Series

NakedSword Debuts 1st Episode of 'Islas Canarias' Series

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword has released the first episode of original series „Islas Canarias,“ starring Austin Sugar and Valentin Amour.

The series cast, under the direction of Marc MacNamara, includes Sir Peter, Craig Marks, Bastian Karim, Sam Steiner, Apolo Adrii, Oskar Ivan, Logan Moore, and Johnny Viper.

As the action opens, Sugar and Amour „are eager to explore each other’s bodies and the vast volcanic landscapes of Lanzarote’s scenic beaches,“ a rep said. „The guys start off in the Atlantic ocean where Valentin submerges himself to better service the cock that’s spilling out of Austin’s skimpy swimwear before climbing onto a nearby rock formation to let Austin rim him.“

Tim Valenti, president of Falcon/NakedSword, spoke about the location.

„Anyone visiting ‘Islas Canarias’ knows that the only thing more gorgeous than the scenic volcanic beaches, cultural landmarks, and oceanic views are the men roaming around each and every island,“ he said. .“

The first episode is available now at Follow NakedSword on Twitter.

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