Miss Mae Ling Chats About Fetish With

LOS ANGELES — „Adorable Domme“ Miss Mae Ling shared her perspective on fetish, among other subjects, in a recent interview with

She described how „a warm cock in another man’s mouth warms her heart and pussy,“ noted a rep, and discussed her perspective on „how fun it is to commit to the act, health factors revolving such acts and whether it makes men more or less desirable as their sexuality has become so pliable in her hands.“

Mae Ling enjoyed the opportunity to openly discuss the subject.

„Does [forced-bi] make him gay? Depends on so many things: the person and where his underlying root of curiosity is,“ she said. „Sex, dick-sucking — anything — can be awful the first time, until you find the right one that works for you. Like Goldilocks, but with cocks. Goldi-cocks!“

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