Michael Flex, Andrew Powers Star in ‚Extra Innings‘ From TwinkTop

Michael Flex, Andrew Powers Star in 'Extra Innings' From TwinkTop

MINNEAPOLIS — Michael Flex and Andrew Powers star with Dillon Stone in „Extra Innings,“ the latest release from Carnal Media studio brand TwinkTop.

„Coach Stone never misses an opportunity to keep a very close eye on his favorite college player (Flex),“ the synopsis reveals. „Today, Michael’s got his eyes locked in on new teammate Andrew, which inspires the horny coach to invite the two twinks over for a private session.“

Carnal CEO Legrand Wolf enthused about the stars.

„Andrew Powers is a welcome addition to TwinkTop and the powerful dynamic between Michael Flex and Dillon Stone,“ he said. „We don’t often like to mess with success when two performers create such incredible onscreen chemistry, but in this case, bringing Andrew into the mix was definitely worth the gamble.“

„Extra Innings“ is streaming on CarnalPlus.

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2023-04-24 21:33:02

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