Masyn Thorne Stars in ‚Step-Dad’s Hot Date‘ From Next Door Studios

Masyn Thorne Stars in 'Step-Dad's Hot Date' From Next Door Studios

LOS ANGELES — Alpha Studio Group exclusive Masyn Thorne stars alongside Roman Todd and Cliff Jensen in „Step-Dad’s Hot Date,“ from studio brand Next Door Taboo.

Directed by Conrad Parker, the scene opens with Todd nervous to introduce stepson Thorne to Todd’s new boyfriend Jensen.

„He wants everything to go perfectly,“ said a rep. „Will Roman spend the evening refereeing the situation, or will everyone find a shared interest?“

Parker enthused about the scene. 

„When you combine the talent of all these performers in one scene you can count on the scene being hot,“ he said. „Masyn has an insatiable appetite that is equally matched by Cliff and Roman’s sexual energy.“

Thorne echoed Parker’s praise.

„Working with Cliff and Roman is so much fun,“ he said. „We all have the best time, and when we start the sex we all take it gladly and really give it to each other.“

„Step-Dad’s Hot Date“ is streaming on NextDoorStudios.

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2023-07-05 21:44:08

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