Mason Wyler Makes Return to Adult With

Mason Wyler Makes Return to Adult With

LOS ANGELES — Mason Wyler is making his return to adult in the latest release from, opposite Ryan Bailey and exclusive Troye Dean.

In the scene, Dean’s parents „are very happy to meet his boyfriend, Ryan Bailey,“ said a rep. „But Ryan is a little too happy to meet Troye’s dad, played by Mason Wyler. When Ryan greets Mason, he skips the handshake and starts squeezing his fat cock and flashing his ass instead! Mason sneakily rims the twink behind the counter as Troye and his wife are distracted, and Ryan tries his best to keep quiet as he takes it raw.“ production director Ryan Cash enthused about Wyler.

„We feel very fortunate that someone as iconic as Mason Wyler has chosen us to shoot his comeback scene,“ he said. „You will fall in love with him all over again.“

„My Dad Fucked My Fiancé“ premieres on Nov. 11.

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2022-11-03 18:17:00

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