Marcus Rivers, Tucker Barrett Star in ‚Good Morning‘ From Carnal Media

Marcus Rivers, Tucker Barrett Star in 'Good Morning' From Carnal Media

MINNEAPOLIS — Marcus Rivers and Tucker Barrett star in „Good Morning,“ the fourth chapter of Carnal Media’s Neighbor Secret series.

Rivers and Barrett „have enjoyed a special connection ever since Marcus discovered Mr. Barrett with another man,“ said a rep.

Carnal CEO Legrand Wolf enthused about the scene.

„In ‘Good Morning’, Tucker finally lays to rest any lingering insecurities Marcus has held throughout the Neighbor Secret series, signaling a new stage in their relationship that has been gradually building over the past several episodes, and will continue to develop in new and surprising ways in the future,“ he said/

„Good Morning“ is streaming on CarnalPlus.

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2023-05-15 21:29:47

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