Malik Delgaty, Skyy Knox Star in's 'Hung & Raw Wrestlers'

LOS ANGELES — exclusive Malik Delgaty and Skyy Knox headline the two-part series „Hung & Raw Wrestlers,“ which will begin its rollout Thursday, March 24.

Clark Degaty, Darenger McCarthy and Alex Mecum round out the „super-stacked cast,“ a rep said.

The first scene follows Delgaty and Knox as they face off in the ring; Knox „cock-slaps“ Delgaty across the face and takes the belt. Two weeks later, at „Asshole Mania,“ Delgaty is ready for his revenge.

„The wrestlers enter the arena to cheers and jeers, and Malik quickly shows, this time, he’s going to be the one dominating. Skyy tries to regain the advantage by squeezing Malik’s balls, but to no effect,“ noted the rep. „To the bearded villain’s disbelief, Malik effortlessly pushes Skyy to his knees and fucks his face. Malik even picks Skyy up for an upside-down blowjob before bending him over the ropes and fucking him doggy style. But Skyy won’t let the upstart face take his title that easily, tossing Malik to the mat and riding him. Malik counters with a piledriver, then cements his victory by pounding the heel missionary style.“

McCarthy and Clark Delgaty grapple for the second scene.

„These two musclebound wrestlers are so heated, they start fighting dirty, and referee Alex Mecum keeps having to separate them,“ the rep said. However, „the horny wrestlers tag-team the ref right in the middle of the ring until the explosive finale.“

Production director Ryan Cash praised the onscreen action.

„We are absolutely thrilled to be releasing this series,“ he said. “The whole cast is electrifying. Malik, Skyy, Darenger, Clark and Alex brought their A-game, and all delivered fantastic performances.“

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