Malik Delgaty, Roman Todd Star in Cowboy Romp From

Malik Delgaty, Roman Todd Star in Cowboy Romp From

LOS ANGELES — has released the cowboy-themed „Yee Raw“ starring Roman Todd and exclusive Malik Delgaty.

As the action opens, Todd is lost in the desert and „hasn’t seen a sign of life in miles — until a cowboy (Delgaty) strolls toward him, looking like a drool-worthy mirage,“ a rep said. „Malik is happy to help the city slicker, but instead of offering him directions, he brings Roman to his truck and dresses him in nothing but a cowboy hat and pair of chaps. Malik pushes the Roman up against the truck and fucks him from behind as the sun goes down.“

Todd enthused about his costar.

“I really enjoyed working with such a stud of a man,“ he said. “The sex was smoking hot, I must say. Everyone on set was absolutely amazing, and I hope that next time it’s going to be my turn to tear Malik’s ass out.“

Delgaty will next appear for the studio in „Wet Ass Fundraiser“ with Caden Jackson, and „Warm Welcum“ opposite Paul Wagner.

„Yee Raw“ will debut Monday, Aug. 22 on Follow the studio on Twitter.

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