Makers of ‚Odile‘ Plug Seek LGBTQIA Ambassadors, Affiliates

Makers of 'Odile' Plug Seek LGBTQIA Ambassadors, Affiliates

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Creators of the Odile Butt Plug Dilator, a new genderless toy „specifically designed for anal prep and stimulation,“ are seeking out brand ambassadors and affiliates to represent for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Co-founders Chloe Gagnon and Benjamin Jay will „reward top influencers,“ a rep explained, with between $25 and $35 per pre-order from their referrals.

„With a delivery date set for late October, Benjamin and Chloe are also hoping that Odile can elevate its brand identity with the help of industry partnerships to bring this unique training and pleasure product into customers’ bedrooms,“ a rep explained.

„Affiliates will receive marketing material if necessary and utilize a special link — to ensure transparency and tracking — that includes a 10% discount offer to support the limited-time promotion,“ continued the rep.

Gagnon and Jay recently started an Indiegogo crowfunding campaign to raise $20,000 in funding by October 15. The Odile will be avaiable at early-bird supporters at the discounted price of $89.

The product is made in the United States from medical-grade silicone with a dual-density shaft and „a profiled tip for easy insertion,“ the rep concluded.

Follow Odile Toys online and on Instagram for additional details and the latest updates. Contact for affiliate information.

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