Lydia Black Makes Her BiPhoria Debut Opposite Johnny Hill, Dillon Diaz

LAS VEGAS — Lydia Black displays her versatility in her studio debut for BiPhoria, opposite Dillon Diaz and Johnny Hill, in „Bi One Get One Scene 2.“

„Lydia and her husband, Dillon, have their friend Johnny over for a relaxing dip in the pool. Dillon can tell Johnny is attracted to Lydia, and he has a plan: Johnny can have sex with Lydia, as long as Johnny has sex with Dillon, too,“ a rep explained. „What happens next is a gonzo scene, with Lydia sharing two dicks, while getting to watch Dillon and Johnny pleasure each other.“

Black noted she has been „wanting to shoot for BiPhoria forever.“

“Now that I finally had that chance, I couldn’t be happier,“ she added. „Working with the entire crew and Johnny and Dillon was an immense pleasure and I cannot wait to be back for more.“

Click here for a preview and additional details; follow BiPhoria on Twitter.

In related news, the performer notes that she will soon return to Prague to film with Legal Porno now that pandemic travel restrictions have eased.

Nexxxt Level Talent represents Lydia Black; she will next be available for studio shoots beginning August 4. Follow her on Twitter and find her premium social media linkage here.

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