Luxxxe Studios Debuts 'Friends In Heat' Teaser Trailer

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Luxxxe Studios has released the teaser trailer for its upcoming release “Friends in Heat,” co-starring Justin Yurmouth and Brian Bonds. 

The tile is billed as Luxxxe Studios’ “debut film and first ever erotic soap opera, full of scandalizing, suspenseful, steamy, adventurous journeys and surprises that will have fans wanting more.”

The first episode, “A Blast From The Past,” is slated for a Spring 2023 release.

“Friends In Heat” is being helmed by veteran director Jasun Mark, who collaborated with DP Anthony Duran photographer Mark Hersh. The series also co-stars Matteo Nevaeh, Jake Waters and Aaron Trainer.

Luxxxe Studios Founder/CEO JD Daniels said, „I’m quite proud we decided to hold off on the release date of the film. We had a lot of adjustments that had to be done which was well worth it in the end, to give audiences an unforgettable and meaningful experience.’

Daniels added that “Friends in Heat” aims for a “‘Dynasty’ sort of feel, involving the rich and powerful who can get anything they want, but in such sinful circumstances.” 

To see the teaser trailer for “Friends in Heat,” click here. – Gay

2023-02-15 23:57:52

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