Lucas Kazan Celebrates Milestone Anniversary With Compilation ’21‘

Lucas Kazan Celebrates Milestone Anniversary With Compilation '21'

CATANIA, Sicily — Lucas Kazan Productions is marking its 21st anniversary with the release of „21,“ a DVD collection of eight scenes and 14 performers handpicked by studio founder, director and producer Lucas Kazan.

„I suppose we’re finally of age,“ Kazan said. „We wanted to give thanks to the beautiful men who embodied our fantasies. And to the fans who’ve supported us and encouraged us for well over two decades.“

„Hand-picking scenes is always challenging,“ the director told XBIZ. „Do we pick them for the memories? Or do we pick them because we think they stand the test of time?“

„The outdoor scene with Lucas Foz and Filippo Romano best answers the first question: it reminds me of a bygone era: scripted porn, on-location filming, meticulous blocking, big budgets, big crews,“ he said. „The indoor scene with Karel Rok and Ricky Martinez answers the second: two handsome men lensed the best we could. Great chemistry, too.“

„Finally, the scene with Jean Franko and Jordan Fox,“ noted Kazan. „It’s the most recent of the eight: filmed over two days only, instead of the three or four days we used to film, it marks the shift we’ve seen in the past decade, with ever-shrinking budgets and scheduling. ’21‘ is a walk down memory lane. But an exciting walk, I hope.“

The „21“ collection is available through Pulse Distribution in the United Stated and Vimpex Media in the European Union.

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