SEATTLE — Kheper has debuted two new adult games from its Progress line, „Any Couple Sex! Dice“ and „Sex!!! The Game for Any Couple, Thruple or Quad.“ Both games utilize the licensed Progress Pride flag in their designs.

A third release later this month, „All Dicks Penis Candy,“ will also incorporate the flag.

„Any Couple Sex! Dice“ is described as a two-dice game with one-inch dice.

„One shows sex positions and the other specifies how long to do the position until you roll again,“ a rep explained. „The positions are all gender-neutral, and toys can be incorporate if desired. It is the first dice game to show non-gender-specific sex positions.“

The rep noted „Sex!!!, The Game for Any Couple, Thruple, or Quad“ is a board game that incorporates a colorful spinner to determine how markers move around the game board.

„Three and four markers can be used when playing within a thruple or quad. The winner is the first player to hit the ‚Sex!‘ space at the end of the game board. That player spins the spinner for a sex position as each space on the spinner includes a color and a gender-neutral sex position. Extra spins are taken for each additional player in the game,“ said the rep. „It’s all about fast-paced foreplay that quickly moves to sex.“

Kheper CEO Brian Pellham noted the company is „thrilled“ to be working with Progress Pride flag designer Daniel Quasar, a non-binary artist and graphic designer whose reworking of the late Gilbert Baker’s classic rainbow pride flag incorporates new colors to represent trans people and LGBTQIA+ communities of color.

Quasar’s design was introduced in 2018 and been adopted by a number of city Pride celebrations, including, this year, in Seattle.

“The message the flag represents is one that we have been very eager to incorporate into our brand’s messaging,“ Pellham said. „We strive to have romance and sex games for everyone and this flag also lends itself to beautiful packaging that everyone at the [recently concluded] ANME/XBIZ Show appreciated.

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