Kaiia Eve Featured in New ePlay Q&A

LOS ANGELES — has selected Kaiia Eve to be featured in its Q&A series about her status as an ePlay Key Club member, and how she uses the platform as her exclusive camming and streaming site.

Eve touches upon how long she’s been in the business, her thoughts on multiple awards and nominations and what such recognition means to her. She also announced her plans to start a podcast that is LGBTQIA+ friendly and the topics she plans on covering as well as her hopes the program will enable fans to get a more personal look inside her personality.

The interview concluded with Eve sharing her hobbies, her inspirations in the industry and talking about her best friend, Lydia Black.

„I was so excited to sit down with the wonderful people at ePlay for this informative interview,“ she said. „Working with them as a Key Club member is great, and I’m happy I had this opportunity to have fans and other creators get to know me better.“

The full interview can be found here and follow ePlay on Twitter.

Nexxxt Level Talent represents Kaiia Eve; follow her on Twitter and find her premium social media links here.

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