Contact Boosts Weekly Content Creator Payouts Boosts Weekly Content Creator Payouts

LOS ANGELES — (JFF) has announced an increase to 80% weekly payouts of creator subscription revenue, in addition to 85% payouts for „exclusive content creators on non-subscription sales,“ noted a rep.

„The 10% bump in the payout percentage is part of the sex worker-run adult fan platform’s strategy to better serve the millions of models and influencers expected to leave OnlyFans next month due to adult content restrictions,“ the rep explained.

JFF Founder Dominic Ford noted „now is the time for us to finally be able to increase our payouts.“

„We are excited to be able to do our best to make sure our community of sex workers does not lose any revenue based on the changes going on right now in the fan platform space,“ he said.

Ford explained the new JFF disbursement modifications are set to take effect „over the next day, and will include all current and new models,“ adding the platform „offers its creators a variety of online options, including the ability to sell specialty video clips, live cams and customized personal items, plus important extras such as anti-piracy fingerprinting, top-level online security and no content censorship.“

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