Joanna Angel, Small Hands to Host 2023 XBIZ Awards

LOS ANGELES — XBIZ is pleased to announce that rock-star power couple Joanna Angel and Small Hands will co-host the 2023 XBIZ Awards, set for Jan. 15 at the historic Hollywood Palladium.

Angel’s rise to prominence as a vanguard performer in the mainstreaming of alt porn paved the way for many a tatted star to grace the XXX screen, especially through her renowned indie punk paysite, She has regularly made headlines in mass media, including The New York Times, Forbes, CNBC and Vice TV.

“We are so excited to be hosting this year’s show,” Angel enthused. “XBIZ has made a terrible mistake by giving us full creative reign to put our own flavor into the script, and let’s just say, we have a ton of surprises coming to the stage. We can’t wait to see you all at the show!” 

With numerous XBIZ Awards wins for her acting prowess, on-screen sizzle and comedic wit, Angel has also established herself as an in-demand director who infuses each cinematic work with as much irreverent charm as sensual passion. Proclaiming herself the “Queen of Hell,” Angel has amassed millions of fans who follow her every move on social media, when they aren’t going to town with her Fleshlight. 

As an accomplished and bestselling author, she has released choose-your-own erotic fantasy novels “Club 41” and “Night Shift,” garnering glowing reviews from the likes of Publishers Weekly, The Daily Beast and Cosmopolitan, where “Night Shift” made the list of “36 Legitimately Good Erotic Novels You Must Read.”

Hands, who achieved the crowning glory of winning XBIZ Male Performer of the Year in 2018, first spent years playing in bands like Warped Tour-era Fenix TX and his own The Strangers Six before diving headfirst into adult. His initial foray into the industry was as talent for Angel, with whom he had sparked a whirlwind romance after she became a client of his print design outfit.

“I’m so honored and horny to host adult’s biggest night of the year. This will definitely be a night to remember!” Hands exclaimed.

With hundreds of scenes under his belt, the wildly prolific rocker-turned-porn star is frequently acclaimed in adult media, while mainstream writers from the music world have embraced his return to the realm of imaginative sound as “Empty Streets.” Music mag praised the multi-instrumentalist/vocalist’s “dramatic electronic dream pop.” His six-song EP, “Age of Regret,” was recorded during quarantine, and he recently released “The Night We Met” under his latest incarnation as “Soft Faith.” 

Now, when the Brooklyn-based multi-hyphenate dynamic duo isn’t whipping up delectable content, they’re juggling a multitude of business ventures that run the gamut from distributing their popular Doom’s Whiskey to Angel’s branding badass-adorship for Liquid Death, which has taken the world of drinking water by storm with irreverent marketing hijinks. They are the very essence of multifaceted and multitalented, refined to a degree of certified pure epicness.

Come January, as the lights dim and soon-to-be-crowned royalty wait with bated breath for the glittering 2023 XBIZ Awards ceremony to commence, we will raise devil-horned hands to the pooling darkness above in salute as the Prince of Darkness and Her Infernal Majesty set the stage ablaze in hellfire for adult’s biggest — and most metal — night. – Gay

2022-12-02 00:30:28

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