Jim Fit Takes on Smash Thompson in Latest From Lucas Entertainment

NEW YORK — Jim Fit takes on Smash Thompson in the latest duo from Lucas Entertainment.

The member-exclusive sexplay is currently streaming online and will be collected for „Bareback Auditions 18: Action & Ass,“ which has an Aug. 22 street date.

„Jim’s body is an incredible sight to behold. This guy is nothing but taut and defined muscles, and on top of that, he’s got a sweet and friendly personality,“ a rep said. „Jim may be a monster at the gym, but he has no problem tapping into his beta side in the bedroom. He loves taking dick, and the bigger the better.“

„Enter Smash Thompson, who loves stretching out an ass and pushing a man to his submissive limits,“ continued the rep. „Jim has met his match, because Smash has a huge cock between his legs, and he sure as fuck knows how to use it. Needless to say, he left Jim bowlegged for days afterward.“

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