JD Daniels Talks Adult Career, Luxxxe Studios on ‚Wyatt!‘ Podcast

LOS ANGELES — Performer and Luxxxe Studios CEO and founder JD Daniels is the featured guest on the latest episode of the „Wyatt!“ podcast hosted by Wyatt O’Brian Evans.

“Like James Brown was in music, JD is one of the hardest working men in the adult industry. He’s also a savvy and innovative businessman and entrepreneur, having just established Luxxxe Studios,“ Wyatt said. „As you will discover, Mr. Daniels is grounded, forthright, thoughtful and and so dang personable. The adult performer describes himself as an ‚old soul in a young person’s body. An old-fashioned country boy.'“

Daniels is also the recipient of several Raven’s Eden Awards, including „Best Actor“ from 2018-2020 and „Performer of the Decade“ earlier this year.

The interview is the 124th installment of the podcast and runs approximately 67 minutes; find it on YouTube here.

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