JD Daniels Celebrates 2021 Raven’s Eden Award for ‚Performer of the Decade‘

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — JD Daniels is celebrating his 2021 Raven’s Eden Award for „Performer of the Decade.“ The inaugural laurel was bestowed Sunday, March 22 by filmmaker mr. Pam during a virtual ceremony that Daniels co-hosted alongside Brian Bonds.

The veteran swordsman shared „Performer of the Decade“ honors in a tie with Zario Travezz.

„I was not only speechless at the time mr. Pam presented the award, but literally in tears because this is one of those moments where you realize you’ve made it, and made it big,“ Daniels said. „Nothing means more to me than the appreciation of my fans and to know they voted for Zario and I is not only mind-blowing, but so humbling.“

„I am so appreciative, and treasure my fans because without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today,“ he continued. „Also, for me and Zario to be the first performers ever to win this award is such a milestone and the fact that we are two men of color makes it especially gratifying to me. It’s is a sign that times are changing and diversity is taking hold in the adult entertainment industry. I would like to thank Raven’s Eden for their love and support, and also the fans for making this all possible. The fans mean so much to me, and always will.“

Daniels also picked up a second award for „Best Web Scene“ for the group orgy „JFF Boys Gone Wild in Vegas“ featuring Maxence Angel, Matthew Figata and Jeremy Feist.

„Matthew, Jeremy and Maxence were all stellar performers, and so much fun. They have also become dear friends,“ Daniels noted. „We formed an amazing bond during filming that continues to this day. My husband at the time, T Willcoxxx, was the director of the film and this was my first JFF feature as a co-producer, so it made the film even more special to me.“

„I am so proud of my costars as this was the first award that Jeremy, Maxence and Matthew have won for a JFF feature,“ said Daniels. „This film means a lot to me as we not only built special friendships but know we created a very special piece of content, worthy of the Raven’s Eden 2021 ‚Best Web Scene‘ award.“

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