Jayden Marcos, AJ Sloan Star in Latest 'Service Station' From Next Door Studios

LOS ANGELES — Next Door Studios exclusive Jayden Marcos stars with AJ Sloan in the latest episode of Service Station, titled „Camshaft Lubrication.“

Directed by Walden Woods, the scene opens with with senior mechanic Marcos hard at work. 

„There’s high demand for his premium services now that word is out about his unique skill set,“ said a rep. „So when mouthy AJ Sloan starts harassing him about his customer service, there’s really only one thing to do.“

Jeremy Babcock, CCO of Next Door parent company Alpha Studio Group, enthused about the series‘ star.

„The Service Station series starring Jayden has been a fun little world to build,“ he said. „Who wouldn’t want to take a special visit to see Jayden to get their car, and their body, serviced? We seem to have a lot of ‘customers’ lining up to get some work done.“

Marcos praised his co-star.

„AJ was super fun to work with,“ he said. „He has a very creative and open mind which helped to make the scene feel like a whole new experience. He wanted to try something new and that’s just what we did.“

„Service Station: Camshaft Lubrication“ drops tomorrow on NextDoorStudios.

Follow Marcos and Sloan on Twitter.


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2023-06-09 18:50:55

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