Jake Waters Reveals Inspirational Life Story on ‚Wyatt!‘ Podcast

LOS ANGELES — Performer Jake Waters is the featured guest on the latest episode of the „Wyatt!“ podcast hosted by Wyatt O’Brian Evans.

„This installment is real and raw. Utterly explosive, as you’ll discover during our exclusive sitdown with Mr. Waters. He radiates charm, energy and joie de vivre while baring his soul,“ O’Brian Evans said.

The candid, emotional interview explores Waters‘ personal trauma and how he overcame his obstacles early on through sports and, finally, excelling in the adult business. 

„My story is a story that needs to be told,“ Waters said.

He also discusses his upcoming appearance in Luxxxe Studios‘ debut title, „Friends in Heat.“

The interview is the 128th installment of the podcast and runs approximately 100 minutes; stream it on YouTube.

Find Jake Waters and Wyatt O’Brian Evans on Twitter.

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