Isaac Parker, Trevor Brooks Star in 'Just Like You' From Disruptive Films

MONTREAL — Isaac Parker and Trevor Brooks star in „Just Like You,“ from Disruptive Films studio brand Taboo Men.

Directed by Big Mike, the featurette „follows Leo Roth (Parker), who is having a hard time adjusting to college life, especially since he moved to a new town and lives off campus,“ said a rep. „His new neighbor Kane (Brooks) is everything that Leo wants to be — self-assured, charismatic, at ease in every social situation — and Leo believes that if he can get in good with Kane, he can improve himself and his life. So that’s what he does.“

Big Mike enthused about making his directing debut.

„I was thrilled to get the call to direct,“ he said. „Breaking free from my role as a camera operator for the studio, I embraced the opportunity to bring unique stories and unconventional characters to life. It was a blast, pushing creative boundaries and exploring uncharted territories that challenge norms.“

He also praised his co-stars.

„Luckily, I had great actors, Trevor Brooks and Isaac Parker, who really embodied their roles and took the story further by offering fun solutions to push the story further,“ he said. „It’s always a great day on set when the guys really nail the b-roll and have bomb sex.“

„Just Like You“ is streaming on DisruptiveFilms.

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2023-06-29 14:45:17

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