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LOS ANGELES — OnlyFans content creator Reno Gold is the subject of a profile newly published by Interview Magazine that examines the 25-year-old stripper-turned-entrepreneur’s meteoric rise as a clip artist.

Gold revealed he now owns five condominiums and employs his own mother as a property manager.

„[OnlyFans] has completely changed my life,“ he told Interview. „I’ve been able to give back to my community, which is the biggest thing for me. It makes me feel the best. I pledged to donate a week’s worth of my earnings from OnlyFans to the Elton John AIDS Foundation. And in that week I raised $27,000 and donated all of it to the foundation, which was such a blessing.“

He notes his properties were „all paid off in cash.“

„I started a college fund for my niece and nephew. And then also it just gives me security, because when I was dancing, I wasn’t able to have normal relationships because I was just moving around so much to work. I would go to a different city every single week,“ he said. „So it’s given me some stability and also just a creative outlet. I put out a new video every single week in a different location with a different scenario and different outfit. So I’m doing so many different things. I’m directing. I’m doing wardrobe. I just get to be very creative and it challenges me every day. I love it so much.“

The performer recalled not putting too much effort into OnlyFans at first, as he was „making a killing“ as a stripper. His profile — and his income — exploded once Gold increased his output to daily uploads and began cross-promoting on other social media platforms.

„My YouTube videos were getting millions of views and going viral on Twitter, so my YouTube is what blew up my OnlyFans,“ he noted.

Gold also discusses his diet and future plans and offers his advice about dealing with negative feedback and trolling.

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