Hot House Releases Tony Dimarco’s ‚Go Big or Go Home‘

Hot House Releases Tony Dimarco's 'Go Big or Go Home'

SAN FRANCISCO — Falcon/NakedSword is teasing the forthcoming release of director Tony Dimarco’s „Scrum: Go Big or Go Home“ from studio label Hot House Video with the online debut of sexplay featuring Tristan Hunter and Roman Todd.

„Go Big or Go Home“ is a companion title to the recent Raging Stallion Studios release „Scrum: Balls to the Wall.“

As the action opens, „snapping jockstraps and playing grab-ass have led to rugby bros Tristan and Roman rocking complete hard-ons in the locker room shower,“ a rep said. „Under the running water, Tristan gets on his knees to help his teammate with his unexpected erection.“

Oral favors lead to a sweaty flip-fuck on a nearby bench.

“If you’re going to start off a movie that’s only featuring the hottest rugby players out there, it only makes sense to start with the godlike Roman Todd,“ Dimarco said. “Fans love him for a reason and this ‘Scrum: Go Big or Go Home’ scene with him flip-fucking hot jock Tristan will only solidify that.

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