Hot House Releases Full Version of Trenton Ducati’s ‚Skintight‘

Hot House Releases Full Version of Trenton Ducati's 'Skintight'

SAN FRANCISCO — Falcon/NakedSword has released the full version of Trenton Ducati’s „Skintight“ from studio label Hot House Video.

The feature, the first scene of which was released as a teaser on Wednesday, stars Cade Maddox, Ethan Sinns, Sean Austin, Grant Ducati, Des Irez, Jim Fit, Aiden Ward, Dakota Payne, Jake Klerin, and Jkab Ethan Dale.

„It’s an honor for any model to be included in the annual wall calendar for ‘Skintight’ magazine, but the real pleasure comes from your the spent on the sensual set of this X-rated photoshoot,“ a rep said, describing the feature. „Before the day even begins, a naked Sean Austin is helping Ethan Sinns shave his ass to be camera-ready.“

Ducati enthused about the title.

„‚Skintight‘ covers everything you could ever want and we really mean everything,“ he said. „On top of a showstopping finale from Cade Maddox and Hot House newcomer Jkab Ethan Dale, fans will get to see models shaving each other’s hole and you’ll even get a shot of someone with a pool cue up their ass. There’s no telling what’s going to happen on the ‘Skintight’ set.“

Falcon/NakedSword President Tim Valenti was also excited about the release.

„This is just another great example of what kind of great work screenwriter Ben Rush and director Trenton Ducati have been creating for Hot House and all of the Falcon/NakedSword brands over the past months,“ he said. „We’re focusing on showing off the industry’s sexiest models while crafting fun and original scenarios that lead to the hottest action.“

„Skintight“ is available from the Falcon/NakedSword store for ordering or downloading.

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