FSC Urges Industry Action to Defeat EARN IT Act

LOS ANGELES — Free Speech Coalition has issued a call to action urging industry members to contact their Senators and tell them they opposed the EARN IT Act.

Tomorrow (Feb. 10, 2022), the Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on the EARN IT Act, a bill that would radically change the internet for the adult industry. While theoretically targeting child sex abuse material (CSAM), it would create such liability for adult sites and social media platforms would many would likely remove adult content entirely — much like we saw after SESTA-FOSTA.

If the EARN IT Act were to pass, we would expect:

  • Widespread bans on sex-related content from mainstream social media
  • Widespread deplatforming of sex workers and adult businesses
  • Increased surveillance of private messaging and drives for sexual content
  • Harassment lawsuits targeting adult businesses

Many of the bill’s proponents want a complete removal of adult content from the web. The EARN IT Act would be a significant tool to accomplish that.

We are working with our lobbyists and allies to stop the bill, but they all tell us the same thing: constituents matter. We need you to tell your Senators today that you oppose the EARN IT Act. This is even more critical if you live in California or Georgia.

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