FSC to Host Strategy Summit at XBIZ LA

LOS ANGELES —Free Speech Coalition (FSC) is programming a special strategy summit for the last day of the 2023 XBIZ LA conference, on Jan. 12.

The event is open to all XBIZ attendees and will bring together experts in fields including banking, social media moderation and activism, with a goal to help businesses and workers fight back against the growing legal, technological and financial threats to the industry.

The 2023 XBIZ LA, North America’s largest adult industry conference, will once again bring together top stars, indie creators, digital media pros, company execs and newcomer entrepreneurs for boundless business opportunities — and for a comprehensive look at the future of adult entertainment.

This first-ever FSC summit-within-a summit is a chance for industry members to better understand the threats adult businesses are facing, to discuss their experiences and struggles, and to learn how to protect their businesses.

“This is an all-hands meeting for the industry,” said Alison Boden, Executive Director of Free Speech Coalition. “Whether you’re a large company or a small creator, we all face the potential loss of mission-vital services like banks and social media. If we don’t come together to talk about what’s happening, and learn to fight back, the entire industry is at risk.”

This is the Jan. 12 program for the FSC strategy summit:

11a.m. 2022 Annual Report, 2023 Strategy

The Strategy Summit starts off with a review of FSC’s work in 2022, including the results of discussions with leaders in tech and banking, and preview of plans for 2023. 

Break for Lunch

1 p.m. Banking Discrimination

Wells Fargo. Venmo. Paypal. We’re an industry that’s learned to survive despite discriminatory fees and unstable financial institutions. FSC brings together some of the top financial experts in our industry to talk about how to protect yourself from account loss and how to survive if it does happen. And learn what FSC is doing to fight back, including our recent discussions in Congress.

Post Panel: Talk with experts directly to discuss the banking issues you face

2 p.m. Bills We Support. Laws You Can Use.

Our industry has come to fear outside regulation and legislation. But there are laws on the books that actually provide some relief to adult businesses and workers — if you know where to look. In this session, we look at some of the protections we have in the law, as well as some laws we’re hoping to see passed in the coming year. 

Post Panel: Learn more about how to get involved in the fight for better legislation.

3-4:30 p.m. Fighting Back the War on Porn

Credit card bans. Age Verification Mandates. Social media deplatforming. Over the last two years, we’ve seen an aggressive effort by faith-based antiporn groups to put the adult industry out of business. From pressure campaigns and spurious lawsuits to social media censorship and bad legislation, well-funded antiporn groups are working to hobble businesses and, ultimately, to recriminalize adult content. In this business-critical strategy session, we’ll bring you up to speed on what’s happening, what’s likely to happen, how to protect yourself — and how to fight back

Post Panel: An extended strategy session to talk about ways to fight back against this dangerous campaign.

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