FSC Issues Advisory Regarding New COVID Public Health Orders for California

LOS ANGELES — Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has issued an advisory that seeks to clarify the impact on adult of today’s „stringent new public health orders“ issued for the State of California and Los Angeles County.

In the past week, the State of California and Los Angeles County have issued stringent new public health orders (Safer at Home in Los Angeles and Regional Stay Home in California), curtailing non-essential travel and limiting operation of non-essential businesses. These orders have so far exempted film production, so long as workplaces are in compliance with the Reopening Protocol for Music, Television and Film Production issued in June.

As we have throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, FSC has deferred to the state and local governments and health authorities in regards to the legal permissibility of production. Should their guidance change and prohibit film production, we will once again call a production hold.

However, just because production is permitted, does not mean that it is safe, ethical or recommended. Southern California is currently experiencing a severe shortage of ICU beds and frontline workers. Cases and hospitalizations are only expected to increase in the coming weeks, potentially overwhelming the system. Each interaction we have, on set and off, has the potential to contribute to the survival of others.

We again ask that to put off any production you can until the infection rate decreases. If you must shoot, we ask that you be especially vigilant about safety precautions, including, in order of importance: 

  • Social distancing
  • Limiting set personnel and travel
  • Increased use of PPE like face coverings
  • Frequent testing, no longer than 48 hours before each shoot

We ask that anyone who has tested positive or has been exposed to someone who tested positive, contact FSC PASS at or (818) 348-9373 as soon as possible for assistance with contact tracing. We are here to help prevent community spread.

For more information on prevention, testing, and quarantining, visit

For more information, visit and follow the trade association on Twitter for the latest updates.

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